Comac CA40 ON.60 / .100

These are three-phase vacuum cleaners with a sturdy frame; thanks to the good depression values and air flow rates, they can be used for a multitude of applications.

With the 19,500-sq cm radial filter, cyclonic cone and tangential nozzle, they can powerfully perform both dry and wet cleaning as the turbine is in direct contact with the filtering system.
They are highly reliable and have been designed for continuous heave-duty use: recommended for the agro industrial, ceramic, chemical, mechanical and textile sectors.
Their vertical form allows them to be easily moved, even in reduced spaces. You can choose the 60- or 100-litre version with trolley drums.

Tank Material Stainless Steel
Cyclone System
Tangential Inlet Nozzle
Manual Shaker
Releasable Tank

No. of Turbine: 1
Stages: 1
Power: 2.9 kw
Suction Vacuum: 32 kPa
Air Flow: 350 m3/hr
Tank: 50 L


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