Comac CA2.40 / CA2.60 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

These are single phase vacuum cleaners suitable for using on medium-heavy dusts & liquids(only for CA2.60). The container capacity of 40 litres is recommended when the dust particles are not large.
These vacuum cleaners have a particularly sturdy frame, a suction nozzle with a diameter of 70 mm, and a filter with a filtering surface of 19,500 sq cm.
They are especially suitable for environments where only a single-phase voltage is available. Upon request, filters in class M, H, antistatic and heatproof can be assembled.
Cyclone cone
Manual Shaker
Tangential Inlet Nozzle
Replaceable Trolley Tank
Mechanical Float
Depending on your particular suction requirements,
you can choose a model with
40-or 60-litre capacity container.
Model: CA2.40 fourty liter
CA2.60 sixty liter
No. of Motor: 2
Stages: 2
Power: 2.2 kw
Suction Vacuum: 22 kPa
Air Flow: 389 m3/hr


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