Comac CA30 S Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners that are powerful yet easy to move, for applications requiring frequent movements in reduced spaces.
They are fitted with a three-phase coaxial turbine in die-cast aluminium.
Reliable, and designed for continuous heavy-duty use, they are recommended for car washes and the ceramic, chemical, mechanical and textile sectors.
They are ideal for removing dust, flours, chips and liquids of varying densities. The S version can work on both dusts and liquids.
Upon request, both models can be fitted with class M and anti-heat filters.

Tank Material Stainless Steel
No. Turbine: 1
Stages: 1
Power: 3.3 kw
Suction Vacuum: 32 kPa
Air Flow: 350 m3/hr
Tank: 80 L


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