For every application the right model, the ProfilGate® system offers a variety of models that is optimized to meet a wide range of requirements. No matter if you use trucks with large tires or hand pallet trucks with small wheels - there is a perfect solution for any tires, casters and wheels.

The ProfilGate® k-series stands for low weight and food safe cleaning.

The grates are made of ultra-light and anti-bacterial synthetic material.

Specialist for small and hard casters.

The ProfilGate® st series is especially designed for the cleaning of small and narrow casters.

For highest loads in continuous operation.

The ProfilGate® series b stands for galvanized heavy-duty grates.

ProfilGate® system

Ultimate shoe cleanliness for employee entrances.

 The ProfilGate® go-series was especially designed for heavy employee foot traffic.

Resistant through stainless steel.

The ProfilGate® i Series stands for inox as it is made of stainless steel.

Effective wet cleaning and optional disinfection.

The ProfilGate® i aqua Series allows for wet cleaning and optional disinfection with liquid-filled trays.