Comac CA3.100 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The CA3.100 SE/SEA is single-phase wet and dry vacuum cleaner;
they are characterised by the possibility of greater control of the outlet air
and greater practicality during maintenance operations.
They are available in the SE (with an electric filter shaker activated by button) and
SEA configurations (with a auto-sophisticated filter cleaning system).

The versions with automatic electric shaker (SEA) have 3 working modes:
Manual mode:
Semi-automatic mode:
Automatic mode: When the filter becomes less efficient, motor operation is automatically interrupted and a 20-second filter cleaning cycle begins. When the cycle has finished, the motors start up again automatically.
These vacuum cleaners can be fitted, upon request, with class M, antistatic and anti-heat filters and a mechanical or electronic float.
In addition, they can be fitted – upon request – with HEPA cartridge filters (essential for removing micro-dust) for the inlet air, the outlet air from the drum, and the motor cooling air.

Tank Material Painted
Cyclone System
Electric Shaker
Tangential Inlet Nozzle
Releasable Trolley Tank

No. of Motor: 3
Stages: 2
Power: 3.3 kw
Suction Vacuum: 22 kPa
Air Flow: 583 m3/hr
Tank: 100 L


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