Comet KM Extra 8.15

Hot water Pressure Washer with Wet steaming Function
18-litre capacity fuel tank with level float and fill up filter
High pressure detergent suction with adjustment of the quantity
from an inside tank, possibility of using an external detergent tank
Water suction from a tank
Anti-scale device with pump and tank (2.5 l)
Professional 4-pole motor (1400 rpm) with Comet ZW pumps
Professional unloader bolt-on valve
FW2 pump on 8.15 model
Timed TotalStop
General stop (when the machine is not used for a long time)
Steam operation
Flow-switch controlled burner
Professional safety valve
Boiler thermal protection
Electronic temperature setting system with constant
water temperature
PED 97/23/CE cat. II certiication
Delayed burner start
Power: 6500 W
Max Pressure: 200 Bar
Max Flowrate: 15 L/min
Temperature: 25-140 Deg C
Hose: 10 meter


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