Comac Antea 50 E Scrubber Drier

Antea is a walk behind scrubbing & drying machine offering high performances
for both maintenance and heavy duty cleaning of floors up to 2200 sq.m.
It is with a disc brush with 50 cm working width, cable (E)
Many are the benefts Antea can offer:
• Intuitive drive, with few and easy controls
• Antibacterial tanks, available on request, ideal for the healthcare
• Corrosion Protection: special treatment for metal surfaces of
machines working in special environments such as swimming pools,
Fish markets, dairies, etc.
Solution Tank: 40 L
Recovery Tank: 60 L
Power: 825 Watt
Working Width: 508 mm
Working capacity upto: 1250 sqm/hr
Brush revolution: 140 rpm

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