Sole disinfection

The DZD disinfects soles by means of a disinfection bath. The bath is automatically topped-up with disinfectant. This means the systems never fails, and the excessive use of disinfectant is prevented. Regardless of which disinfectant you use, the splash protection makes sure the space around the DZD remains clean. After twenty-five passing the disinfection bath is automatically topped-up.


  • Automatic refreshing of disinfection bath
  • Drip-off zone
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Disinfectant level indicator

Our versions

  • DZD-1000-R/L*

    Disinfection bath 1000 mm
    Article number (R): 83203100
    Article number (L): 83203120

    * Right or left version

  • DZD-1500-R/L*

    Disinfection bath 1500 mm
    Article number (R): 83203140
    Article number (L): 83203160

Options and accessories

Built-in model

Can be connected to a centralised chemical supply

Double rail