Sole cleaners


Due to the low step of just 175 mm, the DZW is ergonomical to use. The brushes are automatically humidified and activated by means of sensors. This ensures that energy consumption remains low. The DZW uses the right amount of chemicals, thanks to the sensors. The splash protection prevents the space around the DZW becoming a mess.




  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Thrifty with chemicals
  • Sensor-controlled dosing
  • Chemical level indicator

Our versions

  • DZW-1000-R/L*

    Brush length 1000  mm
    Article number (R): 83202200
    Article number (L): 83202220

  • DZW-1500-R/L*

    Brush length 1500 mm
    Article number (R):  83202240
    Article number (L): 83202260

  • EZW

    Sole cleaner
    Article number: 83206020

Options and accessories

  • Built-in model

  • Can be connected to centralised chemical supply

  • Double rail