Smart elements

Economic and ecological

With water and energy set to become increasingly scarce in the future, we believe it is important to use these resources efficiently. By applying smart elements, we are able to lower consumption levels even further, without harming the optimum washing result.


Recirculating washing water

Our industrial washing systems make use of filtered recirculating washing water.
This means that the washing water is re-used. The fresh rinsing water from the
rinse zone is re-used in the pre-wash or main wash zones.

Water management system

The water tanks are designed so that when the washing process is stopped by an automatic system of valves, the water from the spray pipes automatically flows back into the tank and is not lost via the overflow.

Steam extraction with heat recovery (optional)

During steam extraction, the heat recovery system provides a significant reduction in energy loss. The design of the steam extraction unit ensures that only the steam that escapes from the tunnel is removed

Insulated outer walls (optional)

By making use of insulated outer walls, the washing system retains its temperature better, and less heat is lost through radiation. This insulation can be applied both to the water tanks and to the outer walls.