Dirt filters

Simple and effective

Depending on the type of contamination and the load carriers being used, we offer the right specific filter. By making use of proven and reliable filtration techniques, our industrial washing systems ensure the washing water is re-used.


Filter tray

A stationary filter tray with a perforated plate is effective for light contamination.

Stationary ‘wedge-wire’ filter

The stationary ‘wedge-wire’ filters are simple and effective. The specific filter cartridge separates the dirt particles from the washing water. The filters are easy to remove.

Rotating ‘wedge-wire’ filter

A rotating ‘wedge-wire’ filter ‘turns’ any contamination towards a scraper, which separates the dirt particles from the washing water. This design makes this filter system self-cleaning and is used for heavy contamination loads.

Rotating microfilter

The rotating microfilter filters very small particles of dirt out of the washing water. This system is often used for removing stickers. Using this filter system ensures optimal protection of the pumps and nozzles as well as minimal contamination of the washing system.