Areas of application

  • Meat- and fish industry
  • Bakeries
  • Potatoes, vegetables and fruit
  • Dairy
  • Confectionery
  • Logistics

Meat- and fish industry

Our washing systems are used where the focus is on the slaughtering, further processing, enrichment, packaging and distribution of animals, such as beef cattle, pigs, chickens and fish. The predominant types of contamination are blood, fat, proteins and combinations of these, each of which needs to be dealt with in a specific way.



In this industry, the focus is on washing and drying systems for small and large bread production lines, patisserie, (dough) finished products and semi-manufactured goods. The predominant types of contamination are dough, fat and chocolate residues (sugar). Elpress also supplies systems for the washing of pans and baking moulds.


Potatoes, vegetables and fruit

The processing, packing and distribution of potatoes, vegetables and fruit. The (further) processing of these products makes them susceptible to attack by bacteria, which emphasises
how important it is to clean and dry the crates and containers properly. Types of contaminant include starch, sugars and fruit acids.


The treatment, processing, packing and distribution of dairy-related products. Our washing
systems are used both for raw milk products and in the further processing industry, such as the cheese and ice-cream industries. Contaminants that arise during production processes mainly consist of proteins and fats.


In the confectionery industry, our systems especially find their way into the processing of liquorice, chocolate and confectionery. The contaminants that are found here include sugar, syrup and dough residues.


In this industry, Elpress washing systems are predominantly used in logistics (fustpool pool service) organisations. This service industry is noted for a wide range of contaminants and crate/container types, with the focus being on achieving the right level of hygiene and a low cost
price per crate.